Feasibility studies

Our feasibility studies will help you assessing a planned project.

In your daily work you see a potential for expanding your production, to save energy, or conversion or relocation of your facilities.

We work with you the conditions that define the objectives, inspect the premises and present the results in detailed documents. With this document you have the necessary arguments presented clearly and simply, for further decision-making or to represent in the other committees.

Concept creation

Concepts serve as a first overview of your project implementation.

In close cooperation with you, we take your wishes and ideas and develop you a presentable concept.

This is typically shown in flow charts, drawings, tables and explanatory written documents. We are happy to work out the presentations for you that you need for more decision-making.

Basic and detail engineering / piping design

The further planning steps for the investment decisions are the planning of the plant engineering and in the tender and to order the parts of the plant.

For all steps our staff will be available. The plant will be fully planned in our house. In Basic Engineering the rough frame of all components is displayed and described. Inquiries and technical ideas are discussed with potential suppliers.

The results are summarized in the detailed engineering and the piping layout to a complete plant. The order processes are triggered by ekcentec.


The processing plant construction projects also require knowledge of the static conditions of building itself and the subsoil.

The relationship of power distribution and dissipation in the ground to the process specifications such as vibrations or necessary breakthroughs for pipelines determine the structure. Often there are also architectural influences, which have to find account.

Structural Steel

The secure mounting of the required machinery and equipment requires a steel scaffolding in the process and energy engineering.

Here the forces are introduced and pipelines and cables attached. The conditions of all trades and the resulting dimensions of the steel structure are to be considered in basic planning.

Project monitoring and control

Our services range from the project idea through the conception and planning to start in the mentioned business segments and combinations. The interdisciplinary and integrative accompanied by the projects ensures that technical and economic as well as strategic and operational aspects are taken into account.

Construction operation

As part of the construction process we supervise and accompany the trades. The schedule tracking, quality control and communication between the parties involved, and this also includes approval authorities and you as a client, are essential guarantors of a successful construction process.


The documentation of your system technology should always be up to date. Find all information on the stage of construction, the permits and spare parts and smudges plans. A well-run efficient accurate and fast documentation is based on your project expansions and plans.

We can check your existing documentation and compare it to the investment portfolio and top it up if necessary. This includes not only the manuals of the plant components but also updating the flow charts, the numbering of the system components and the software-supported provision of documentation.

We are happy to advise you in the implementation of software systems that facilitate your daily work with your documents. In particular, the coupling of drawings, flow charts, and other information about system components, such as inspection intervals and specifications provides you with a comprehensive information system.

Local heating networks

The economic efficiency of a biogas plant or a CHP plant increases with the extensive use of the produced heat.

This can be achieved by installing a local heating network.

The installation consideration or extension of a heating network must comply with the legal requirements of the Renewable Energies Act (EEG).

Furthermore, such projects are also supported by other institutions such as the KfW or BAFA.

In all stages of the planning and the building of such networks, we can help. Furthermore, we have the systems that allow maximum operational reliability for the network, the biogas plant or other heat source as well as the maximum heat utilization.

It can also heat networks that are operated with other renewable energies, will be planned and constructed. This is, for example, interesting for energy-autonomous communities or development of commercial or residential areas.

Drying plants

Where to go with the summer heat?

It arises in almost every biogas plant the same question. With our solution a drying system is available for you that can dry various materials.

Chips, firewood, digested residue (as a thickener), corn, grain, CCM, sand, and more.

The system has a modular design and can be connected to any source of heat. By building this plant can be operated even in winter.

Through the efficient heat recovery and heat use is this system also suitable for industrial use.

Biogas utilization

Treated biogas can be fed into the natural gas grid or be converted into electricity as a methane-containing fuel and be used immediately. Also deposed by the CHP biogas plant can be used to supply residential or commercial areas are possible.

Important heat utilization is to operate. Ecological and economic aspects make such use attractive.

If no suitable heat utilization in sufficient numbers or functional relationship are available, we can be of very high heat utilization through efficient drying systems. This is also supported by our partners, which by means of a Germany-wide operating network for drying goods and the necessary logistics.